Leading with Inclusive Behaviours

- Soft Skills / Επικοινωνία - Ανθρώπινο Δυναμικό (HR)

14 Φεβ 2024 09:00 14 Φεβ 2024 12:00
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Leading with Inclusive Behaviours


Beyond understanding the implications of potential biases, inclusive leadership means acting out an authentic commitment, adapting to the culture and way of doing things of others, showing empathy, appreciation, and respect for every individual’s unique lived experience, while fostering an environment of psychological safety in which everyone feels empowered to speak up and shine. Inclusive leaders are equipped to harness the power of diversity and bring out the best in diverse teams to deliver innovation and impact.


On completion of this training, you'll walk away with: 

  • An appreciation of why Leading with Inclusive behaviours is important and matters to you 
  • An understanding of the important 6 dimensions of Inclusive Leadership 
  • An understanding of why psychological safety matters in team performance and the ability to foster it in your work environment 
  • The ability to label your own biases and mitigate biases in your team 
  • An understanding of your responsibility as an Inclusive Leader 
  • The opportunity to practice Inclusive Leadership


The programme is designed for Team Leaders, Supervisors and Managers as well as any professional who has people responsibility.

Trainer's Information
Κλειώ Παπαδοπούλου - Partner at PWC

Born in Cyprus, studied and worked in London, Cleo specialised in tax at a very early stage in her career. She moved back to Cyprus in 1992 and joined PwC. Ten years and three children later she became the first female partner.

Throughout her career her focus has always been people. Beyond investing time to understand her clients as individuals before advising them, she has a passion for developing people.

Today, Cleo is the Chief Learning Officer of PwC. She is involved in coaching, training and mentoring within and outside of PwC, helping people to reach their full potential, develop business skills and become inclusive leaders.

She is an accredited Executive Coach by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), as well as a certified trainer by the Human resource Development Authority of Cyprus.

Driven by values and passionate about Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Cleo is also the Chief Inclusion & Diversity Officer and on the Management Board of PwC Cyprus. For her, I&D is not just a role, it is a mission to accelerate change.

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Τετάρτη - 14 Φεβ 2024


09:00 - 12:00


PwC - City House (Λεμεσός)

Εκδήλωση Ενδιαφέροντος : Leading with Inclusive Behaviours

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