Introduction to Project Management: Planning and Monitoring Projects by Mastering MS project

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Introduction to Project Management: Planning and Monitoring Projects by Mastering MS project


A practical approach for managing and monitoring projects through a case study using MS Project as a tool

Implementing projects is an integral part of every business of any size. Modern studies show that 50% of the companies’ workforce deals  with projects.

The modern and competitive business environment demands the best possible project efficiency which requires a professional approach to managing projects. This course addresses the basic principles in project management where at the same time participants learn through a case study how to plan and monitor a project by Mastering Microsoft Project. Therefore, during this practical approach  participants learn in depth how to use MS Project.


Upon completion the participants will:

  • Understand the definitions such as project, project management, work packages, knowledge areas, deliverables
  • Be able to design a project following project management principles and techniques and plan it using MS project as a tool
  • Understanding resources and how these can be assigned to tasks
  • Be able to cost activities and resources
  • Understand and “crash” the critical path
  • Be able to monitor the project


Project Managers. Project Coordinators, Project Management Team members


There are no prerequisites for this course.


Unit 1: Introduction

  • The modern Era
  • Your self—evaluation as a Project Manager!
  • Our aim
  • Definitions
  • Project
  • Project Management
  • Work packages
  • Deliverables
  • Resources
  • Project Characteristics
  • Project Life Cycle
  • Cost and resources during the life of the project
  • Stakeholders, Risk and Uncertainty

Unit 2:

  • Project Management Process and the role of project manager
  • Project management processes and PMBOK
  • Processes
  • Knowledge areas
  • The Project Manager’s characteristics
  • Project Initiation Processes
  • The Project Charter
  • Initial statement of the project objective
  • Getting ready to plan a project based on a case study

Unit 3 Development of a new plan

  • Starting a new plan, and setting its start date
  • Setting nonworking days in the project calendar
  • Entering the plan’s title and other properties
  • Break down of tasks using WBS
  • Key points

Unit 4 Building a plan and using dependencies

  • Using the 4 dependencies
  • Defining tasks, durations and milestones
  • Creating summary tasks for WPs
  • Creating task dependencies with links
  • Switching task scheduling from manual to automatic
  • Checking the plan’s duration and finish date
  • Documenting tasks
  • Understanding Network Diagrams, Gannt Charts etc
  • Key points

Unit 5 Setting up resources & Costing

  • Definition of Resources
  • Adjusting working time in a resource calendar
  • Setting up cost resources
  • Documenting resources with notes
  • Key points

Unit 6 Assigning resources to tasks

  • Assigning work resources to tasks
  • Controlling work when adding or removing resource assignments
  • Assigning cost resources to tasks
  • Checking the plan’s duration, cost, and work
  • Key points

Unit 7: Critical Path & Baseline

  • What is a critical Path?
  • Methods of identifying the Critical Path
  • “Crashing” the critical Path
  • What is a baseline?
  • How to establish a baseline

Unit 8 Sharing information

  • Customizing a Gantt Chart view
  • Customizing a Timeline view
  • Customizing reports
  • Copying views and reports
  • Key points

Unit 9 Monitoring the plan

  • Techniques for monitoring the plan
  • Tracking progress with MS Project
  • Key points

Unit 10 Advanced scheduling techniques

  • See task relationships with Task Path
  • Adjusting task link relationships
  • Setting task constraints
  • Interrupting work on a task
  • Adjusting working time for individual tasks
  • Control task scheduling with task types
  • Key points

Unit 11 Fine-tuning your plan

  • Deadline dates
  • Fixed Costs (i.e. Down payments)
  • Recurring task
  • Managing the critical path
  • Key points

Unit 12 Levelling Resources

  • Examining resource allocations over time
  • Resolving resource overallocations manually
  • Leveling overallocated resources
  • Inactivating tasks
  • Key points

Unit 13 Organizing project details

  • Sorting Project details
  • Grouping Project details
  • Filtering Project details
  • Creating new tables
  • Creating new views
  • Key points

Unit 14 Tracking progress on tasks and assignments

  • Updating a baseline
  • Tracking actual and remaining values for tasks and assignments
  • Tracking timephased actual work for tasks and assignments
  • Rescheduling incomplete work

Unit 15 Viewing and reporting project status

  • Identifying tasks that have slipped
  • Examining task costs
  • Examining resource costs
  • Reporting project cost variance with a stoplight view

Unit 16 Getting your project back on track

  • Troubleshooting time and schedule problems
  • Troubleshooting cost and resource problems
  • Troubleshooting scope-of-work problems
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