Workplace Conflict Management

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Workplace Conflict Management


Conflict in the workplace often remains unnoticed or underestimated. Recent studies have shown that a significant percentage of employees face workplace disputes or long-standing conflicts that lead to anxiety, reduced motivation and a drop in productivity,

Participants will learn how to detect disputes, identify the roots of the problem, and establish an internal system to manage conflict efficiently.

They will be able to build stronger teams through team-building exercises, negotiation, and mediation techniques, to establish a positive work environment and increase performance and employee satisfaction and commitment.


Acquire the necessary skills to:

  • Develop a calm attitude and be ready to propose a solution system that creates a sense of security in the parties involved
  • Form a management system that will suit your corporate culture.
  • Cultivate a culture of trust and optimism for conflict resolution so that employees present their challenges promptly and without creating problems in the course of their work
  • Organize conflict detection and management processes by designing questionnaires and interviews


Employees in human resources departments, business executives and accredited intermediaries


Trainer: Eleni Charalambidou

Eleni Charalambidou is a practising accredited mediator in Cyprus and Greece, and a mediators’ trainer, having trained more than 1000 professionals. She focuses in commercial negotiations & mediations and specializes in dispute resolution, deal facilitation and internal dispute system design for companies with international activity, working also in collaboration with technology incubators and international dispute resolution centers. 

Originally a lawyer, she holds an MA in Diplomacy from the University of Nottingham where she specialized in International Mediation in armed conflict situations. She has been trained in international negotiations and dispute resolution techniques in leading institutions in the United States (including Stanford and Pepperdine), the UK (including by former UK ambassadors), the Netherlands (including the Clingendael Institute of International Relations) and Greece. 

In 2019 she was awarded the Weinstein JAMS International. Currently Eleni I the Head of the cross-border dispute resolution department at ADR point and a Mediator at the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  

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