An Overview of the Alternative Investment Funds in Cyprus

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An Overview of the Alternative Investment Funds in Cyprus


Legal and other professional firms offering services in the area of investments and asset management should possess sufficient knowledge and understanding of the legal and regulatory framework governing alternative investment funds in Cyprus and the major characteristics of the available fund structures and eligible fund managers within the ambit of the Cyprus Law and EU Directives. Cypriot professional should be aware of the key benefits and implications of setting up alternative investment funds in Cyprus in order to provide accurate and reliable advice to potential clients wishing to pursue investments under regulated and credible structures.


This course will provide an insight to the legal characteristics and main operating conditions for the Alternative Investment Funds and Fund Managers in Cyprus, aiming to provide a holistic understanding to participants of the main legal elements, organizational requirements, different legal forms, and structures as well as a description will be given of the main roles and responsibilities under the AIF and AIFM Law and information regarding the requirements for the application process for the granting of an authorization by CySEC. Last but not least, this course will provide guidance on how a Cypriot entity may establish complete economic substance through the creation of an alternative investment fund or through the administration of portfolios by an alternative investment fund manager.


This course is addressed to lawyers and other professionals offering services and advice in the area of financial services, asset management and investments who wish to gain an insight into the Cyprus Funds Industry and the applicable legal and regulatory framework.


Topics to be Covered

The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (the “CySEC”):

  • Powers & Entities Regulated by CySEC

Alternative Investment Fund Managers (“AIFMs”):

  • What is an AIFM & Reasons to set-up an AIFM
  • Legal Framework (AIFMD, Regulation 231/2013, AIFM Law)
  • Assets under Management & Functions of an AIFM
  • Minimum organizational requirements
  • Minimum capital requirements and additional own funds
  • Indicative Structure
  • Authorized investment strategies/ESMA
    • Private Equity; Hedge Fund Strategies; Real Estate.
    • Fund of Fund; Service Providers
  • Reporting

Alternative Investments Funds (“AIFs”)

  • What is an AIF & Reasons to set-up an AIF in Cyprus
  • Types of funds (AIF/AIFLNP/RAIF)
  • Type of Investors and Legal Forms (V.C.I.C. vs F.C.I.C.)
  • Umbrella Fund/Stand-alone fund
  • Type of management (externally/ internally managed)
  • Key features & organizational requirements
  • Appointment of depositary and Investment Restrictions

Compliance with substance in Cyprus:

  • Economic substance through the set-up of a regulated structure
Πληροφορίες Εκπαιδευτή
Κωνσταντίνος Μιχαηλίδης - Compliance | CFO | CySEC | Alternative Finance & Restructuring

My trainings are to the point and result oriented and my students are the best advocates. I value your time and I understand that as a professional you have a limited time and attention span to digest a lot. As such, I developed a game-centric technique to assist you learn the syllabus material and attend the exam with confidence.


Key facts about me

  • Chartered Accountant with 17 years of experience 
  • Member of CISI
  • Head of Compliance of Investment Fund
  • Non-Executive Director in Investment Funds
  • Trained over 1,000 professionals
  • Trained in Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Israel
  • Visiting lecturer at Frederick University 
  • Active Investment Funds Industry Professional
  • Focus Areas: Compliance, Fund Raising, Startups
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