Free Webinar: Simple Digital Tools for Businesspeople and Start-ups

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28 Νοε 2023 11:00 28 Νοε 2023 14:00
3 ώρες ( 1 ημέρα )
Free Webinar: Simple Digital Tools for Businesspeople and Start-ups


This webinar is about using affordable and user-friendly digital tools to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey, whether you are an experienced entrepreneur or just starting out. 

The webinar is fully funded by the European Union as part of the "LevelUp" project.


This webinar aims to: 

  1. Enhance entrepreneurs’ and start-up founders’ digital skills in the changing digital era through affordable resources; 
  2. Demonstrate accessible, user-friendly digital tools for their business venture with practical examples; 
  3. Explore how entrepreneurs can achieve business success through digital tools without needing a substantial financial investment or specific coding skills.


  1. Entrepreneurs looking to enhance their digital skills through affordable tools. 
  2. Entrepreneurs seeking cost-effective tools to start and grow their businesses. 
  3. People with no coding skills who wish to leverage user-friendly digital tools for their businesses.


Trainer: Christiana Stylianou

Christiana is the Training and Business Development Manager at GrantXpert Consulting, where she oversees seminars, training, and curriculum development, strongly emphasising entrepreneurship and organisational effectiveness in her role. She is pursuing her PhD at the Faculty of Tourism Management, Hospitality and Entrepreneurship of the Cyprus University of Technology (CUT), focusing on Female Entrepreneurship, Alternative Tourism, and Sustainability. In addition to her academic pursuits, she shares her expertise as a guest lecturer at the CUT and brings a wealth of experience in e-learning and online tutoring to her roles.

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