Mastering Productivity

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28 Νοε 2023 09:00 28 Νοε 2023 12:15
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Γιώργος Guirgis
Mastering Productivity


In the modern work life, job-specific knowledge and skills are not enough to surpass the competition; ‘doing more’ is not enough either, since increasing productivity goes beyond numbers, into the quality of what to do, as well as the motivation to do it. This 3-hour seminar will introduce new tools to capture, process, and manage information effectively, to take control of all variables that can affect your daily workflow, and maximize task execution.


This seminar will define productivity, why it is important to invest in it, and how to effectively measure and master it. You will learn how to use values to create and prioritize tasks, work smarter and plan ahead. You will also gain a variety of techniques for managing time and achieving hyper-focus.


Topics Summary

Section 1 What is Productivity 

  • The 'New’ Definition 
  • Measuring Productivity 
  • Time Investments 
  • Smart-work

Section 2 Mastering Productivity 

  • Understanding Time 
  • Prioritizing & Executing Tasks 
  • Hyper-focus vs. Flow state 
  • Ingredients for Mastery


All participants will be awarded a certificate. Each hour of attendance will account for one unit of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as required for members of most professional bodies.

Trainer's Information
Γιώργος Guirgis - Senior Project Manager at Techlink

George is a business professional with more than 13 years of experience driving growth for leading FMCG, real estate, and educational organizations. After attaining his B.Sc. in Construction Engineering, he pursued his passion for business, accomplishing Master’s and Doctorate in Business Administration from IBSS (Denmark), alongside his multirole career in marketing, sales, business development, training, and value chain management.

His post graduate studies led him to teach multiple courses for BA (Bedfordshire, UK), and MBA (CIIM, Cyprus), in addition to being a Dale Carnegie® Trainer for 10 years, where he has designed custom training courses for corporations on a variety of business topics.

As both an academic and professional expert in several fields, his main role progressed to manage EU projects from conception to completion.

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Τρίτη - 28 Νοε 2023


09:00 - 12:15


Γιώργος Guirgis


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