Auditing Accounting Estimates & Report Modifications

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Auditing Accounting Estimates & Report Modifications


A Board Member with vast experience as an Auditor in Cyprus and the USA will deliver this informative training in an effort to update audit professionals about changes in audit methodology regarding “Estimates”. Through this training, which will focus on International Standards on Auditing (ISA), participants will also enhance their knowledge on possible circumstances that call for audit report modifications. This way, they will be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to apply the new and revised ISAs in their workplace in a correct and effective way.

 CPD: This seminar may contribute to Continuing Professional Development requirements. At the end of the seminar participants will be given a certificate of attendance confirming the total number of training hours (7 CPD).


By the end of the training, participants will be able to:

  • explain the international standards ISA 540, ISA 700, ISA 701, ISA 260, ISA 570, ISA 705, ISA 706
  • list the changes in the audit methodology in ISA 540
  • use assumptions and specific methods to audit accounting estimates correctly
  • form an opinion based on the audit evidences and when to modify this opinion
  • demonstrate the ways to define the importance level of key audit matters in financial statements that are communicated by those charged with governance
  • the audit evidence they collected and based on the evaluation of the management’s assumption
  • explain their conclusion on why an entity should consider as “going concern” based on the audit evidence they collected and based on the evaluation of the management’s assumption 
  • draft matter paragraphs in a correct way based on the knowledge obtained during the training
  • adopt the requirements of the above-mentioned auditing standards in their audit engagements.


This seminar is essential for CEOs, CFOs, financial managers, managers, auditors, internal auditors, accountants and other professionals who wish to be informed on the latest ISA developments.



1. Introduction (20 min)

  • Session’s objectives
  • Highlight of changes in audit methodology

2. ISA 540 Auditing Accounting Estimates and related disclosures (1 hr & 45 min)

  • Scope and nature of Accounting Estimates
  • Key changes of the revised standard
  • Required application and examples

3. ISA 700 Forming an opinion and reporting on financial statements (50 min)

  • Form of opinion and resent changes
  • Auditor’s report
  • Supplementary information presented with the financial statements

4. ISA 701 Communicating key audit matters in the independent auditor’s reports (30 min)

  • Identification of key audit matters
  • Communication of key audit matters

5. ISA 260 Communication with those charged with governance (45 min)

  • Categories of those who are charged with governance and their responsibilities
  • Matters to be communicated
  • The communication process
  • Documentation

6. ISA 705 Modifications to the opinions in the independent audit’s report (1 hr & 10 min)

  • Circumstances when a modification to the auditor’s report is required
  • Determine the auditor’s report type

7. ISA 570 Going concern (1 hr & 10 min)

  • Going concern assumption
  • Evaluating management’s assumption
  • Additional audit procedures when events are identified
  • Audit conclusions and reporting

8. ISA 706 Emphasis of matter paragraphs and other matter paragraphs in the independent auditor’s report (30 min)

  • Emphasis on matter paragraphs in an auditor’s report
  • Other matter paragraphs
  • Communication with those charged with governance.


Nicolaou John (Board Member, L&D Audit and Soft Skills Lead, Audit and Advisory, KPMG Cyprus)

John is a Board Member of KPMG Limited and has over 16 years of combined experience in Cyprus and the United States of America. His past and current clients are from various industries including information technology, oil and gas, real estate, shipping, and international trade.

John has a BSc in Accounting from the University of Arizona, is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, a member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Cyprus and an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development.  

As a facilitator John has extensive experience in providing various courses and seminars in audit, management, leadership, coaching, relationship building, negotiating skills, time management, presentation/facilitation skills, among other courses. In 2016, he was certified by the HRDA as a “Trainer of Vocational Training”. John is currently the head of Audit Learning and Development team of KPMG Limited. John, supported by a team of experienced facilitators, designs and delivers audit trainings for all levels of audit professionals.

Furthermore, John is a member of the Training Committee of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Cyprus (ICPAC). The role of the committee is to organize and deliver various trainings to the accounting professionals in Cyprus.  

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